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We're are all concerned about the environment, so we'll help you choose environmentally conscience papers, steer you towards materials that come from responsible managed certified forests. With our FSC certification we take great pride in producing responsible and eco-friendly products.  It's pretty simple: by using the FSC trademark label on your FSC certified paper you will be showing your clients that you're choosing the best in environmental and social standards.

Soy Based Inks

We use soy based inks that have a smaller environment impact and produce about 66% less VOC's than traditional petroleum based inks. When its time to recycle paper printed with soy based inks take less energy and is more cost effective to de-ink. This is proof of our commitment to the environment when small details can make a big impact.

Aqueous Coatings

Adding a coating to your printed product is a great choice to enhance the protection and visual appearance but what about the environment?  We have your environmental solution with the use of one of our water based aqueous coatings from gloss, satin, dull or soft touch we can enhance your product and remain eco-friendly.

We recycle everything!

It's true, we recycle 99% of all waste generated from our manufacturing facility. This will save thousands of trees, kilowatts of energy and gallons of water, not because we can but because it's the right thing to do!
This includes:
Paper waste from the printing process and office area
Wood products such as skid tops and bottoms
Metal from printing plates, skid bands and coating drums
Plastic generated from skid wrap, chemical containers and shrinkwrap

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