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Brad Flagge- President / Owner

Brad runs the place, he's in charge. He's a print guru. Not surprisingly, he went to college for Print Management! He was a top print sales person AND a VP of Operations prior to starting Push Solutions with Nick. Oh, and he also has his MBA

Nick Bova - Vice President / Owner

Nick sells. He's in charge of the sales crew and customer service. He's responsible for your experience. He's been in print sales forever and ever. If you don't call him, he'll probably call you.

John Bezak - Account Executive

John sells print. He also sells relationships. He's been here a long time. His relationships are solid, they have withstood the test of time. Why? He takes care of his clients.

Craig Inglish - Strategic Account Manager

Craig sells too. A lot. He's a young guy. He hustles. He wants to help you. Seriously. You want him as your sales rep. Call him.

Kurt Williamson - Estimating / Project Analyst

Kurt's a numbers guy. He'll rattle off the kind of numbers that make your head spin. Then, after he tells you how much it will cost, he'll tell you how to save ink,  paper,  press time or anything else that will save money. He's smart. Really smart.

Jill Zylka- Client Services Manager

Jill is the center of our entire customer experience operation. No one here moves without Jill knowing which direction they're  going. She attends to every detail for every client and does not stop moving. When you work with Push you will work with Jill and be better for it.

Tricia Snopek- Data Management Specialist

Tricia is our go to for client data and logistics management. If a project needs to be sent to 1000’s of people Tricia knows how to get it packaged, labeled and on a truck before you do. She is a spreadsheets and data master and will walk the extra mile to get it done on time and out the door for our customers.

We take a team approach. We're all friends. We've created a culture around excellence, and have fun doing it!